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How to Create your Perfect Logo for your Instagram Business Profile

It probably feels just like everyone you know is about Instagram. And they are. And because so many men and women spend their time sifting through Instagram feeds (1 billion active users as of 2018), businesses in every sector have followed suit and established balances also.
To put it simply, if your potential clients are around Instagram, you must be too. Still not convinced? Here are a few more Instagram stats out of 2019 that will change your mind:

• There are more than 25 million brand accounts on Instagram
• 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand
• 60 percent of Instagram users discover new products through the platform
• Users’ engagement with brands is 10 times higher on Instagram than it is on Facebook, and more than 80 times higher than it is on Twitter
If you bring your brand to Instagram, you will need an eye-catching logo. It’s easy to become lost in this sea of thousands of accounts, which means connect with your target audience and you have to make your profile stand outside. There are tons of strategies you can use to drive traffic and among these is using a logo that sums up that you are as new.
If your manufacturer is not on Instagram however, make it a priority to alter this. Not certain the way to do this? Here is everything you want to learn about designing the Instagram logo and receiving your stuff.

Instagram Logos vs Other Logos

The principal difference between how your logo looks on Instagram versus how it appears on other programs is that: on Instagram, it is tiny. Especially, your profile image is simply 110 by 110 pixels on Instagram — which means that you do not have a whole lot of space to utilize, and you don’t have the space for text or an elaborate design composed of lots of parts.

But here’s the upside: Instagram is intended for mobiles. It is possible to use it but the bulk of folks looking at the Instagram of your brand are looking at it. So that you do not need to be concerned about earning your logo work optimize it from 100 to get Instagram’s 110.

Here are a few rules for using your logo on Instagram:

• You can’t have an animated image as a profile picture. If you have an animated version of your logo, you can certainly post it as a video or make it part of your Instagram story – but it can’t be your profile pic
• It’s very easy for an image to look crowded on a small screen. Keep it simple
• Contrast is eye-catching. When you’re choosing a color palette, make sure your colors have a clear contrast
• Don’t use a lot of text. Text is hard to read when it’s in a 110×110 spot. Save the text for your page’s bio
You can set a JPEG or a PNG file as the Instagram profile Image. When you produce your logo, store it in one of those file types to guarantee you can use it.

Adapting vs Starting New

In case you don’t already have a logo, you will probably have a simpler time producing you for Instagram than someone who wants to accommodate a logo they are working with. You are beginning with a blank canvas if you are starting brand new and you’ve got the freedom.

When you are designing your logo for Instagram, follow the identical design principles you would follow if you’re designing a logo to use on another stage. This usually means making a logo that communicates your brand through its color palette option, shape, and vision choice. Not sure how to convey the character of your brand through design elements? Check out Some of the previous blog articles on branding your logo:

In LooGoo’s logo maker, developing a logo from scratch is simple. There are tons of graphics and fonts and you may create as many logos as you would like — for free — and compare them before you discover the perfect logo for your own brand.

But I already have a logo

In the event that you currently have a logo, using it upon Instagram may be as easy as uploading it into your own profile. Brands with easy logos, such as McDonald’s, can do so.

Determine if you have to accommodate your logo by having a look and uploading it into your own profile. Would you find the entire thing obviously? Would you make out each of the shapes and letters from the logo? And most significantly. . .does it soda?
Scaling your logo down to Instagram size could be challenging, and also the best method to do it depends mostly on which sort of logo you’ve got.
When you’ve got a wordmark logo, a logo that is only your brand’s title, 1 approach to make it simpler and smaller for Instagram would be to change it into some letter mark logo. A letter mark logo is a logo that is composed of a new initiative.

Another means to turn an intricate logo Instagram-friendly would be to have an integral part of the logo and use it as a stand-alone picture. As soon as the Walt Disney Company had a variant of this logo to work within areas where a logo does not match, they switched the D to its own standalone logo. The D is familiar enough that anyone who sees it knows it is Disney. The mirror image C insignia from the Chanel logo is identifiable, which made it a no-brainer option for the Chanel variant logo.

When you have got a badge or mascot logo, scaling down it Instagram size ought to be quite straightforward. If you discover the logo’s not working in the dimensions, consider creating a compact version by removing details that are not vital to your branding.

What NOT to do when you’re Designing for Instagram

If you are designing a logo for Instagram, it is equally as important to get familiar with what to not do as it’s to get familiar with what you need to do.

Many Instagram designs do not are merely general design don’t is, just like do not use a lot of colors, do not make it so comprehensive it is distracting and most importantly, do not be generic. When it comes to designing especially for Instagram, a Couple of Important tips to keep in mind are:

Don’t include a tagline in the logo

We are not saying your brand should not have a tagline, but your tagline should not be from the edition of your logo you are using on Instagram. Why?
Since the distance is simply too little to make the text match and be legible. Rather, record your tagline on your profile and should you create stories or posts showcasing your logo, incorporate it.


Don’t forget to check out your competition

Before you design your logo, examine the logos manufacturers very similar to yours are utilizing on Instagram. You do not need to get lost one of your many competitions on the stage, and much worse, you do not need your audience to presume you are a ripoff or knockoff of some other brand. Create a logo that is unique for you while correctly conveying your brand.

Don’t use colors that are very similar to each other

Your logo should catch a lot of audiences’ eyes and hold onto their focus. When you are choosing a color palette to the Instagram logo, make it a point to select colors that have a great deal of contrast. A palette of white and black, blue and orange, gold, and green or crimson and olive is a lot catchier than the usual palette of beige and pink or red and orange.

That is not to say colors in precisely the exact same household can not work together on your logo, but should you opt to go that route, make sure that there’s enough visual distinction between them they don’t clean out each other.

Don’t be a careless resizer

Ideally, you are going to produce your logo on a canvas that is already the ideal size for Instagram. This way, you won’t need to down it to make it match your profile image. However, this is not always attainable.

Whenever you make a massive picture file smaller, it may get twisted — whether it is a JPEG. If your document’s a PNG, it must fare much better. However, ensure that your logo still looks okay in the little Instagram dimensions, and otherwise, rework it till it will. Obvious carelessness, such as a fuzzy or pixelated logo, will make your new look cluttered and turn prospective followers away.

Design a logo with the perfect colors for yourself

In case you don’t have spare money in your budget to get a logo, do not despair. Whilst previously you might have had limited choices, today technology has progressed so that almost anyone can design their own logo with an online logo design instrument such as looGoo.

Within our electronic era, design applications are much less about the technical ability of your hands and much more about your creative thoughts. You do not have to learn your brush strokes or pencil pruning — you do not even require steady hands. With electronic logo manufacturers, all you will need is a notion.

LooGoo, along with other online design programs, use templates to produce design quickly and easy, even for first-timers. You choose your business from the dropdown menu.

We have categorized our templates from the wants and requirements of the best businesses, so locating yours is the very first step. Our algorithm will then create the very best choices for your business.

Just choose the one you Enjoy and Begin editing. You can customize each template but you need, personalizing your options for:

– Main images
– Company name and slogan
– Font and typography
– Color schemes
– Text and picture sizes
– Text and picture placement
– Adding new icons
– Layering (putting some images behind or in front of others)

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