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Which process do you work on logo branding? 🙂

Step 1 : First we read the client’s brief well. Because it is very important to understand what the client wants. Because if you don’t understand the client’s dream (brief), a lot of time is wasted on the client and his project.

Step 2 : After understanding the brief, we start the study. We continue to research how to make the client’s logo the best.

Step 3 : Sketch or drawing
With the data we get after research, we make a sketch of the logo in the book.

Step 4 : Then we make the sketch like a vector or client’s dream with Adobe software.

Step 5 : After the logo design is completed a professional presentation is arranged for the logo; So that the logo can be made more beautiful or beautiful.

Step 6 : Taking client feedback is very important. Because only through the feedback of the client can we know whether we have been able to work successfully with the client. You will be happy to know that about 98% of clients are happy to work with us.

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